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We offer our portable bars as either Straight or Circular bars, each can work better than the other depending on the event, space or style!

Our Straight Bars are a popular choice for marquee settings and at Festivals - the Classic Bar will create a central point for people to gather for beverages and is a simple design which is both functional with a classic look.

Our Chesterfield Bar has a sophisticated design with a quilted front and is popular with Corporate or vintage themed events. We are able to up light the front of the bar with almost any colour and comes in small sized sections, so it can be perfect for an intimate gathering.

The Wrapped Bar can be used to display company designs, sponsor logos or the names of happy couples. You can either send us some artwork or we can design it with you and it will be displayed across the front of the bar for all to see.

For smaller venues we also have the Location Bar. These versatile smaller bars can be lit in any colour and look spectacular when the lights go down. If you want multiple bars at larger venues, then this is the perfect bar for you.

We will deliver and assemble our bars at your chosen venue and you can also hire a full bar staff to serve your guests. We also have on our books Flair Bartenders, who will create cocktails with skill and acrobatic skill for your guests to marvel at and all of our staff will be polite and professional.

If you are looking for the perfect solution for your function's drinks, then contact us today. We have the largest stock in the South East and have a fantastic reputation for our great customer service and simple prices.

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Based in Kent we have been hiring straight bars for events all over the UK, with London being the most popular - closely followed by Essex, Surrey and Sussex.
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