Adding some light, fun and action to any event has never been so easy with our bright & colourful LED lit portable bar.

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Retro yet Contemporary with its super bright LED frontage - Light up any space with this super cool centre point!

Adding fun and action to any area or event the LED mobile bar is the perfect choice for those of you wanting to make a real statement. It has the ability to create the most the coolest atmosphere for both young and old and works perfectly for 18th and 21st birthday parties especially when you set the bar to pulse with the beat of the music.

This Bar sits within our classic range standard range purely because our famous video wall bar pips it to the luxury range but only just! The LED bar comes in all shapes and sizes and can be lit in pretty much any colour you wish with sections lit separately from each other its also possible to have a rainbow effect the wraps around the bar. If it is an LED portable bar that you are looking to rent for an evening or two then we won’t be beaten on price that’s for sure. We make sure we are competitive on price while not affecting the quality of the product.

Our LED circular bar has been hired in the past by the likes of Pokerstars.com for their Christmas party with over 450 guests attending you can imagine it was a great event! We have also found that many younger people looking to celebrate their birthday parties in London and the surrounding areas have had the Light up bar for a rental period.


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