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If you are throwing an event with a large amount of guests attending you may qualify for one of our amazing mobile bars for not even a penny!

We are now offering our Halo bar which you can see in the picture to the right for free. This is our most popular bar and we have decided to offer this free of charge to all clients in the South East of England where our main office is situated. There are a few conditions to which your event has to adhere to but these are not to difficult to achieve it is based on the number of people attending the event and also the amount of drinks that you order via us for the event for example wines and reception drinks all of which we can offer at extremely low prices.

With every free bar that we offer we man and serve you and your guests for the entire event. We make sure that we have all we need to make you special occasion a triumph! With the state of the art halo bar you are able to choose a colour scheme that you wish the LED halo front panels to shine through. This can even be on a fade channel so that the lights change colour every few minutes which adds a real nice touch to the bar. It can even work sound to music so will change colour to the beat. All of this is done by remote control that a member of staff will be more than happy to change if you need them to.

The free bar option is becoming more and more popular for weddings and parties a like. We try and keep all of our costs down so that we can ensure that we are the company that keeps our clients happy. We can put your bar onto an account if you wish or your guests can pay as they drink which is also available with our free bar service.

The Halo bar can be made up of single 4.5 ft panels and can up to a ten panel bar so it really is the most versatile free bar hire that you will find on the market today. It also makes an amazing cocktail bar as it has a real fun element to it being able to do all that it can.

If you are in need of a free bar hire service then look no further. At present we are offering our free bar service all over the UK dependent on numbers and drinks ordered. Please call or email today and see if we can get your party off to a great start.
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