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Reflections of happiness and bright lights! The timeless classic that is the mirrored mobile bar- without doubt one of the most attractive and sophisticated bars available.

With every light that bounces off the polished mirror surface the energy of your event will grow and grow. With your guests perched against the smooth Corian bar tops with the drink of choice in hand it will be hard for them not to have a good time. As with all of our bar hires the mirror range comes in many shapes and sizes making sure you can create the perfect area for your guests to relax or simply grab a drink in style and head straight back to the dance floor.

This bar sits in out luxury range as it really is one of the most attractive bars we currently offer for rental. The highly polished mirror finished will give the elution of a far bigger room especially if hiring the circular bar option which when placed in the centre of a room can make the most intimate of spaces seem far more grand. The great thing about this particular bar hire option is that it appeals to all ages from young to old and can work for any colour and event theme.

Our Mirror bar has been rented and installed by our professional installation team at many prestigious venues across the UK and Europe, with a few being hard to forget such as Kew Gardens of London for a wedding, The Savoy in the west end of the Capital for an 18th Birthday Party as well as many other great events and celebrations.

An ideal bar for all types of events.


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